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Promoting your business will be easy with us!

Content Writing

Quote on Pricing
  • Personal content writer dedicated to your project.
  • Price depends on industry, amount of research and volume of content.

Design & Creative

Quote on Pricing
  • Personal manager & designer dedicated to your project.
  • After we have an understanding on the requirements and  scope of your project, we will issue an official quote.

PPC managment

Success Commission
  • We don’t charge out of budget fees like other agencies.
  • We charge only for successful conversions.
  • Ask us how this works.

Social Media paid campaigns

Starting at $75
  • A social media manager dedicated to your project creating the best boost posts and paid promotions for your project.
  • Post writing and creatives are free!!
  • We charge 15% out of budget.
  • Minimum budget – $500.

Social Media Profile managment

Starts at $15 per post
  • Dedicated social media manager for your project.
  • Price starts at $15 per post and varies pending on amount of content, creatives and engagement.

Media Buying

8% out of budget
  • Dedicated social media buyer for your project.
  • We work with leading media outlets in Japan and will get the best suited media for your project.
  • Contact us for additional information.

Email Marketing

Starting at 0.2 cents per email
  • Our opt-in subscribers are waiting to learn about your product.
  • Creating your email template and one page content is free, we charge you only for sending the emails and for success.


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Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
Sunday: Closed