Kafunsho, or as we call it, Hey Fever, is a major nuisance in Japan during the spring months.

Japan is a mountainous country, with approximately 80% of it’s land mass comprised of mountains and forests. Each spring, trillions of pollen from Pine and Cedar trees spread with the spring winds and cause various Hey Fever symptoms to a staggering amount of almost 20,000,000 Japanese.

The Hey Fever treatment market is a huge market in Japan and with Bionnete, we treat it in an innovative and high tech treatment. A small device that emits LED light directly to the nose-trills and renders the patient bullet proof to Hey Fever for 8 long hours.

The Japanese love Bionnete and it shows in high volume sales.


Website URL: https://kafunsho.sg/ 


Affiliate registration page

Japanese version: https://kafunsho.sg/kafunsho/responsive/affiliateSignup

English version:  direct signup form

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